都会の中にある下町「築地」でアートをシェアする暮らし。The life which shares an art in the downtown area "Tsukiji" in a city.

意外に知られていませんが、築地は銀座や日本橋のすぐ近くです。つまり、常に変わり続ける流行と変わらない伝統が受け継がれた大人の文化的エリアに囲まれています。 築地はこれまで築地市場を中心とした「食」の街として広く認識されてきましたが、近年は好立地を活かした「住」の街として静かなブームになりつつあります。
私たちは、この築地に「文化」と「住」を融合させたシェアハウスを作ろうと考えました。 そこで、「アート」をシェアする暮らしをコンセプトに、最上階にはギャラリースペースを兼ねたコミュニティスペースを用意しています。ギャラリースペースには、週毎に展示アーティストを変えて運営する予定です。


The art as a Way of Life Share Flat Tsukiji is sandwiched right between Ginza and Nihonbashi, meaning that residents have access to the most recent trends as well as Japan's most carefully preserved traditions. Although the area was originally recognized as the largest seafood marketplace in the world, in more recent years it has been developing into a residential district as well. We decided to bring together Tsukiji's “culture” and “living” through the Share Flat. The concept of the Share Flat is not only to provide a living space, but also an environment in which artists can freely express their ideas with other creative minds. We have therefore built a gallery and community space, where exhibits change on a weekly basis and where residents can visit free of charge. The Share Flat was formerly an office building, but spaciousness allowed us to convert it into a residential complex. As each floor has its own community vibe and lifestyle theme, applicants are encouraged to choose their floor based on the social environment.

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